BIG HOUSE - Landshipping, Pembrokeshire
Autumn is here - all the trees are changing colour and beginning to shed their leaves, and the mornings are decidedly chilly.  Let's hope that this season will be drier than the last!
We have had another glorious day today - sunny but cold - a perfect day for cutting and stacking logs.
We have done very little since we last wrote - money is still tight and the banks are unable/unwilling to lend us any money, so we are both busy trying to earn some so that we can do some more to the house.  Claire is still out and about cleaning at a local holiday park, and as this years bad weather has been detrimental to the boat business, I am doing whatever comes my way. 
In my spare time I have been helping my good friend Hugo to rebuild  my Great Grandfathers Compass Net Boat.  It is at least 150 years old and now thanks to Hugos skill and craftmanship she is as good as the day she was built and ready to fish for the next 150 years.  I am one of the last 6 Compass Netsman and as she is the last of the old Llangwm fishing boats and so we couldn't let her die!
I am continuing to keep our freezer stocked with venison, rabbit, and wildfowl.  We have been busy picking blackberries and the sloe gin is made!
Our chickens have decided they need a break from laying - the days are too short - but we have 17 chicks coming on nicely and a further 24 eggs in the incubator.
We have also been joined by 3 geese - Syd and his girls.
The bees have been fed and are ready for the coming winter months.
Even though money has been tight, we have been eating like kings and cannot wait to share our life with guests.
We are still overwhelmed by the amount of emails and letters we have received from all over the world, particularly since the revisited programme was shown  - keep them coming its lovely to know how many people are supporting us - MANY MANY THANKS!!
Apologies to anyone I haven't replied to.
We are still looking forward to opening our doors to you so we are hoping it won't be too long before we are up and running.
And for those of you who want to watch it again - go to youtube and put in Restoration Home - Big House Landshipping - Episode Six and you should find the first programme and the second is Restoration Home - One Year On - 12th September 2012.
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Welcome to Big House, Landshipping
Big House, Landshipping, Pembrokeshire has been a labour of love since it was purchased in 2000.
Beautifully situated on the banks of the River Cleddau in the heart of Pembrokeshire, the Big House is once again being restored to it's former glory and as well as being a family home will, we hope, soon be welcoming guests from all over the UK.
It is our desire to turn this amazing Pembrokeshire house into not only our home but a first class B&B so everyone can come and experience the peace and tranquility we enjoy every day on the banks of the River Cleddau.
We were planning to open the 2nd wing of the Big House (the one on the right as you look at it) as a B&B by Easter 2012 but we have had to revise this date - rest assured we will keep you up to date.  We hope you will stick with us while we pause work for a bit so we can earn some money to continue.
Please join our mailing list if you would like to be kept up to date with the restoration works and also for news of our Grand Opening!
Best Regards from the Big House

Alun & Claire xx
ps. When Alun isn't working to restore Big House, Landshipping, he can be found out on his boat, Cleddau King, you can learn more about Alun's "day job" at
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